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Creating a website can be a lot of fun. I wish to share what I have learned in the same spirit of those who have helped me.

This is by no means the definitive way to build a site. There are a host of sites that are much better than ours. I hope my suggestions may help you avoid time consuming mistakes. Time is a precious commodity. The more efficient we are, the more time we have for the ride!

Table of Contents 

  1. What program did you use to build this site ?
  2. What is the easiest way to submit my site to the most popular search engines and monitor my web traffic ?
  3. Where can I find graphics for my website ?
  4. Which interactive web resource service do you use ?

What program did you use to build this site ?

We use FrontPage 2000. Would you rather learn HTML, Pearl, Java, CGI Scripts etc. or ride your scoot? FrontPage is the easiest website building program you can find. Check out Frontpage World, the #1 Web site for all things Microsoft FrontPage, web site design and Internet marketing. Click here for more information.

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Where can I find  graphics for my website ?

The million dollar question? Photos are a good place to start. Next time you buy a camera, consider a digital model. They are easy to use and make it easy to incorporate pictures into your website. If you don't have a digital camera, have your film processed to compact disk.

There are a number of websites that offer great graphics.  Shar's Graphics are outstanding. KnuckHead and Babe have great graphics as well. If you use their graphics, be sure to give them credit with a link back to the respective site.

GIFWorks It's an online GIF image editor. This unique tool is completely on-line -- nothing to download or install. Better yet, it's ABSOLUTELY FREE -- no prepaid tokens or subscriptions.

Webmasters Make $$$Webmasters Make $$$ by using the AllPosters.com 's Affiliate Program. You can easily link your web site to AllPosters.com and earn commissions on all sales generated from your site. They provide tens of thousands of great product images, search boxes, and over 100 custom banners and buttons that will offer great content and revenue to your site. We have teamed up with AllPosters.com to offer our visitors a wide variety of motorcycle related images. Be sure to check out our motorcycle posters. Then, give AllPosters.com a try.

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CafePress.com provides you with everything you need to be make money on your website. Design and sell top quality t-shirts, apparel, drink ware, computer accessories and more. CafePress.com manufactures all items once they are ordered and ships them direct to your customers. No need to worry about processing credit cards or shipping products. Cafepress.com manages all transactions from start to finish, and offers your customers a variety of payment methods, including all major credit cards as well as checks and money orders. 

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Which interactive web resource services do you use ?

We use Bravenet Web Service's Free For All Links and their form handling service. Bravenet is a comprehensive resource for webmasters. We highly recommend them to anyone who wants to enhance their website with interactive features. 

If you have a motorcycle related site, you can link  to the Herd of Turtles MC site here. You will see how fast and efficient their service really is; faster than a herd of turtles! This saves me an enormous amount of time managing links. More time for  the ride!

Calendars Net is a free interactive web calendar hosting service, where you and anyone you choose can post events visible and printable by whomever you choose, or everyone. You can post events that span more than one day (with text flowing across days or even weeks) or that recur every 1st or 4th Tuesday of each month, etc. You can copy the calendar data to your own computer and edit your calendar offline. Another terrific time saver. Enter your motorctycle related event instantly on our Motorcycle Events Calendar.


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